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The Ben Hogan Museum pays tribute to the man and the golfer in his childhood home of Dublin, Texas …

Working closely with the Ben Hogan Foundation and the Hogan family, the Dublin museum tells the story of how the family’s blacksmith shop influenced a young boy who, without knowing anything about the world of golf, learned through daily exposure the art and science of blacksmithing. That understanding would become important to him as a golfer and later as the manufacturer of some of the finest golf equipment ever made.

The Dublin museum also tells the story of the Dublin-DeLeon Golf Links and Country Club where Mr. Hogan at the age of 17 returned to win first place in his last amateur event before he began the long and torturous climb into professional golf.

The museum highlights his life, the tragedies including the horrible car wreck which threatened his career, and his amazing comeback to the victorious 1953 series of wins which were known as the Triple Crown.

The Ben Hogan Museum of Dublin tells the story of one man’s courage and determination that not only made him a champion and an icon of golf, but also a role model of hard work and focus.

This is the world’s only stand-alone, public museum that tells one of sports history’s most amazing stories.

The Ben Hogan Museum is owned by the Dublin Historical Society.  There is no admission charge.  The museum is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons and other times by appointment. Call (254) 445-4466.


Interior of Ben Hogan Museum Dublin Texas
Video Hickok Belt

Ben Hogan Museum

Board of Directors:

Karen Wright
Mark Baron

Jerry Hrnciar

Mike Jones

R.J. McClure

Advisor Directors:

Robert Stennett

Ben Hogan Foundation

Jennifer Alexander

LPGA Teaching Pro

Tom Stites

Student of Mr. Hogan

Mark Baron


Tom Stites club maker for Ben Hogan demonstrates loft and lie machine
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